An avid student and teacher of the Afro-Brazillian Fight-dance known as "Capoeira", Ove Kenneth Nilsen was given the Capoeira name "Axé" by the Capoeira master, China, during a trip to Brazil.

Axé (pronounced "ah-chay") quickly became his nickname even outside Capoeira circles. Axé became Aché and the natural choice when Ove selected his artist name.

"Axé" means Positive Energi; a powerful, positive energy he channels trough his music and performance, not to mention his voice that "Urørt" called one of the best they had heard. He is also an award winning film and music-video editor (cutting videos for artists like Calvin Harris, Emperor, Madcon, Mira Craig, Maria Mena to name a few, and recently "Max Manus"- the most popular Norwegian feature film to date.)

While working on a music video on the Caribean island of Trinidad, he met the artist Mikkel, who invited him to become one of the original members of the soul/funk collective "The Grooveexperience" back in 2004 touring Norway and Scandinavia and ever growing in size.

The first person to recognize Achés potential however, was the multi talented Preben Grieg-Halvorsen (Fountainheads/Savoy)

Aché´s music can be described as funky and playful soul-music, yet it also draws on the his West-African heritage and over a decade of playing Brazilian Capoeira music."

His upcoming soulful debut album promises to make an impact with his blend of african, carribean, and scandinavian flavors.